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TOKYO Citizen Folding Bike Review

TOKYO Citizen folding bike

I live in a small community consisting mostly of retirees and a lot of us get around on bikes. Unfortunately I live in an even smaller apartment so I needed a bike that could fit in a small corner of the apartment. A friend of mine living in the same complex already had the TOKYO Citizen folding bike and he seemed very pleased with it so I ordered one for myself off Amazon.

When I received my bike it was pretty much full assembled, the only problem was that it seemed like a different bike than my friend had. After a little online research I found out Citizen released a newer version of their Tokyo folding bike that featured some improvements from that older version.

The bike has only Shimano 6-speed gears but since I live in Florida and the land is mostly flat that’s just fine for me. The TOKYO Citizen has somewhat wide tires that make the ride very smooth, even though it’s a little bike you don’t feel the cracks and potholes in the side walk. The bike has a steel frame which is a little different for a folding bike, I think most folding bike come with an aluminum frame. I think the steel frame makes the bike more sturdier and gives it a solid feel.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about this bike. It’s honestly an all around nice bike and I’m glad I’ve purchased it. The price is also quite reasonable for a folding bike. I think TOKYO Citizen folding bike would fit most peoples needs who around in the market for a new folding bike.

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