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fBIKE Direct 6 Speed Folding Bike Review

fBIKE Direct 6 Speed folding bike

Direct 6 Speed folding bike

I bought the fBIKE Direct 6 Speed folding bike, and I’ll be honest, I purchased it purely because it was one of the more attractive looking folding bike that was available at the store. I was tiered of seeing all the black folding bikes with the occasional white or off-white bicycle. I was excited when I saw folding bikes that came in orange and green, so yes I’m guilty of buying this bike solely for aesthetic reasons alone.

Thankfully this bike is also built well and comes with quality parts. The bike comes with a nice sturdy folding lock and quality Shimano 6-speed gears that shift very easily. The bike itself weight pretty light, light enough for me at lest.

This bike is also made in the USA which I know might not mean a lot to some people but it means quality and supporting my country in my eyes. The only things I’ve ended up changing were the seat for a more comfortable gel cushioned one and the pedals because I prefer the look of metal pedals. I also ended up cracking the fender within the first few months of purchasing this bike and thankfully the company sent me a replacement after giving them a call.

So not only is this a great looking bike but its also very pleasing to ride and comes with quality part. Good bike for the price that is for sure!

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Folding Bike Components

  • Steel frame folding bike, with fenders and folding pedals
  • Shimano 6-speed SIS derailleur
  • 20″ aluminum wheels, Kenda road tires
  • Bike weight: 31 pounds
  • Available in 3 colors: Graphite gray, Papaya orange, Margarita Green
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