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Columba 26″ Folding Bike Review

Columba Folding Bike

Columba 26 Folding Bike

The Columba 26″ folding bike is a full sized folding bike that folds into a nice compact sizes. I bought the bike because I needed a new bike to ride around campus to my classes. After I had my first bike stolen when it was locked up outside on campus grounds, I decided I needed a folding bike. The only dilemma was I didn’t want a small little midget folding bike that I saw so many people with. Luckily the Columba folding bike looks just like a normal bike. The bike also has the feel of riding a normal full sized bicycle.

The bike folds into a small enough size that I can get it into my small Mazda coup. The bike came pretty much assembled when I got it, all I had to do was put the front wheel on. The Columba is also pretty light, again it is a full size bike so its not going to be as light as the midget sized folding bike. It weight around 34 pounds in total. The bike has foldable pedals which make it easier to fit into place and you don’t have stuff sticking out from the bike when it’s folded.

Riding the bike is very comfortable, one of the main complaints I read about with normal folding bikes are that the seats are uncomfortable and that the bike is slow because it has such small tires. Fortunately Columba folding bike has a very comfortable seat which I’ve ridden on for long rides and can say I was never sore. The tires are also big allowing you to go faster which is a big bonus.

In general I’m really happy with this bike. It was decently priced at the relatively same price a nice mountain or road bike would be except that it has the added bonus of being a folding bike. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a folding bike that has all the benefits of a full sized bike and yet lets you store it easily in a small space.

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Folding Bike Components

  • 26″ wheels, foldable steel frame.
  • Shimano 18 speed shifter and derailleur. alloy front and rear V-brake.
  • Kenda 26″x1.5″ tire. alloy rim, foldable bearing pedals.
  • quick removable front handle stem. with alloy silver color cap & PVC black bell.
  • front/rear steel hub. steel kick stand.