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Columba 20″ Folding Bike Review

Columba 20 folding bike


Before I start this review I have to say I’m not really a bicycling type of person. I’ve never had strong feelings towards the sport or a bike, but the Columba 20″ folding bike changed all of that. It started when on of my co-workers that also lived near to our office like me got a little folding bike. I was pretty impressed it seemed like a great way to get to work. The only thing I could think about is how awkward it looked, it was pretty small, and even though or office isn’t too far away I’d hate to ride on such an awkward bike.

After some internet searches I found that most folding bikes did indeed look awkward and small, but there were a few that were bigger some were even the same size as full sized bikes.

I looked through all the different choices I had on the net, and after some thinking I decided to get the Columba 20″ folding bike. The bike was the perfect combination between size, comfort, and portability. It’s not big and bulky like a full sized bike but not small and weird looking like a regular folding bike.

Columba Folding Bike weights around 30 pounds, which isn’t too much, it makes it pretty easy for me to haul up to the second floor of my apartment. It folds up really easily, which is awesome, it takes me approximately 50 seconds to get everything folding up. The bike also features 7 speed Shimano gears, from what I’d been told the Shimano brand is pretty good and the gears seem to work well.

I love riding my bike to work daily, though I started out doing it just to save gas money I’ve notice I’ve lost weight and seem to have more energy throughout the day from my brisk ride to work on my new Columba bike.

This bike has changed the way I look at bicycles and I’m very very happy with it, I can’t see how any folding bike could be fit me more than the Columba. The price is great and I would recommend to anyone looking for a compact bike.

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Folding Bike Components

  • 20″ wheels, folding alloy frame & steel fork.
  • Shimano 7 speed shifter and derailleur.
  • alloy front/rear V-brake.
  • alloy rim.
  • foldable bearing pedals.
  • quick removable front handle stem.
  • with fender and rear carrier.
  • with alloy silver cap & PVC black bell.
  • Kenda 20″x1.75″ tire.
  • front/rear steel hub.
  • steel kick stand.